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A powerful laser cutter mold drawing automatic generation so

A powerful laser cutter mold drawing automatic generation software DCbox
       In the process of making laser knife molds, in addition to using the laser knife mold machine(Die board laser cutting machine) to cut the knife template and the automatic scimitar and install the knife, drawing is a very important section, and the software and hardware required for drawing are also very particular. For example, computer configuration, fluency, how many drawing software do you know? CAD? AI? or CDR, etc. are all related to drawing. Of course, in the auxiliary process, we also need some plug-ins to improve the quality and speed of our drawing. Now we are going to introduce a powerful knife mold drawing. Plug-in-DC-box5!
The picture below is the DCbox box library interface

 The development of DC-box has now gone through the history of the fifth generation. The newly updated DC-box5 software is powerful and has automatic drawing: automatic scanning of special-shaped drawing dolls, drawing stickers, drawing boxes, automatic tangent processing, Smooth arc, forced tangency, no contra angle, no reverse position, automatic imposition, common box type library, fine gray board gift box/automatic batch frame, automatic bridge position, knife mold pricing, rapid change Block... some practical tools, perfect support for remote computer installation, with a full set of video tutorials to make the box shape (according to the usual drawing habits or customer requirements to modify and save the position) select the material, select the box type, enter the length, width, and height of the die map automatically Generated, the file can be saved in multiple places and multiple formats at a time, greatly improving the drawing efficiency, stupid operation, and zero error. Whether you have CAD foundation or not, you can see it at a glance.
This is a software that can change the traditional drawing method of the box-shaped drawing master of the knife mold, and it is an artifact that subverts the knife mold industry.
The software runs separately in the U disk, is not restricted by the computer, and belongs to you forever.