TSD-HC1713 Digital Cutting Machine

TSD-HC1713 Digital Cutting Machine

Digital Cutting Machine


Main Features and Functions:

1. High-strength frame-type fuselage is stable and not deformed.

2. It can cut materials with a height of 50mm, and can cut all kinds of cardboard, corrugated paper, and honeycomb paper. 

And packaging lining materials such as pearl cotton EVA.

3. Aviation honeycomb aluminum alloy adsorption platform, with table compensation, good sample running effect.

4. Double-tool holders design, good effect, and strong expansion ability (most of the peers are single-tool holders)

5. Full rack drive system to ensure high precision and high speed.

6. Independent research and development operating system, simple operation, powerful function, lifetime upgrade for machine software.

7. It can be equipped with a high-speed digital proofing machine, with good printing effect and fast speed.

It can follow the mass effect of the printing machine and build a one-stop solution for small batches of packaging and printing, replenishment, and proofing.

8. 12 years of equipment manufacturing experience in the packaging industry, rich service team experience, and timely response for customers.

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